Bluemar Shipping Ltd is coming from a unique concept combining human resources both for crew and maintenance technicians and using the manpower with the aim of not disturbing the day to day operation of any vessel, with or without our crew.

As one can understand from above, we bear in mind the earnings of a vessel and also concentrate into cost competitiveness of the operation without sacrificing from the quality of any activity that we got involved.

On the crew management side, we obey all necessary ILO, IMO and Flag State rules & regulations.

As for the technical services, we follow all the rules of the classification societies. We always discuss in advance the method that we intend to proceed and reach to a consensus; therefore we never face any surprises at the end.

Our involvement in both activities is contributing to our success in many ways. Our knowhow on human resources is enabling us to get the right experts for the right vessels or works. Our knowledge on seafarers’ documentation is helping us to get out technicians to sail as crew. Our operations department is allowing us to position out necessary experts in the right positions on time. The list can be extended.

We always prefer to work with multinational crew which in fact is difficult to manage but which in return creates an auto control on board. Yet, we do not have any tunnel vision and we can use the nationalities that the client would prefer.

Message from Founder Managing Director